Graphic novels are a great way to get kids interested in reading! Whether they’re interested in nonfiction, action, adventure, fantasy, or realistic fiction, there’s a graphic novel for every reader! Here are 13 great graphic novel series for kids ages 8+!

Unsolved Case Files

This graphic nonfiction series about real FBI cases details a gripping, minute-by-minute account of the only unsolved airplane hijacking in the U.S., pulled off by the man known as D.B. Cooper and an astonishing jailbreak from Alcatraz. Includes real FBI evidence and photographs!

My Weird School Graphic Novels

  • My Weird School Graphic Novel: Mr. Corbett Is in Orbit! & My Weird School Graphic Novel: Get a Grip! We’re on a Trip! – On Sale Now!

Graphic novel fans, prepare yourselves for stories you won’t soon forget! New York Times bestselling author Dan Gutman and veteran illustrator Jim Paillot bring you My Weird School graphic novels!

Full of visual gags, fun pop culture references, and hilarious full-color illustrations, these are the weirdest graphic novels in the history of the world!

With more than 30 million books sold, the My Weird School series really gets kids reading!

Warriors Graphic Novels

Discover Erin Hunter’s bestselling series and dive into the world of Warriors with these full-color original graphic novel adventures!

Emmie and Friends Series

Friends, drama, and secrets, oh my! The New York Times bestselling Emmie & Friends series are a graphic novels that are great for tweens looking for middle school stories that deal with everything from family, ex-BFFs, breaking out of your comfort zone, and more!

New Kid series

Winner of the Newbery Medal, Coretta Scott King Author Award, and Kirkus Prize for Young Readers’ Literature!

Perfect for fans of Raina Telgemeier and Gene Luen Yang, New Kid is a timely, honest graphic novel about starting over at a new school where diversity is low and the struggle to fit in is real, from award-winning author-illustrator Jerry Craft.


Pat and Jen from the Minecraft-inspired YouTube channel, PopularMMOs, bring their most popular characters to life in these highly anticipated, full-color graphic novel adventures. New York Times Bestsellers!


YouTube family gaming sensation FGTeeV brings their favorite video games, their wacky humor, and their love of adventure to these graphic novels. Join the whole family for awesome-packed stories! New York Times Bestsellers!

Chunky series

  • Book #2: Chunky Goes to Camp coming Summer 2022!

For fans of Raina Telgemeier and Jerry Craft!

In this full-color middle grade graphic memoir, creator Yehudi Mercado draws inspiration from his childhood struggle with his weight while finding friendship with his imaginary mascot, Chunky, as he navigates growing up in a working class Mexican-Jewish family.

The Odds

  • Book #2 coming soon!

Meet The Odds…because fitting in is overrated.

From beloved Australian bestselling author and illustrator Matt Stanton comes the start of a hilarious and heart-filled graphic novel series about identity, imagination, and discovering who you are.

Mischief & Mayhem

  • Mischief and Mayhem: Born to be Bad – On Sale Now!
  • Book #2 coming Summer 2022!

Dog Man meets Despicable Me in this crackling, hilarious series from author-illustrator Ken Lamug, starring Mischief and Mayhem—a dynamic duo that falls into supervillainy after they’re kicked out of superhero camp.

Garlic and the Vampire

  • Garlic and the Vampire – On Sale Now!
  • Book #2 coming Fall 2022!

With humor, heart, and an unusual heroine who is braver than she realizes, Bree Paulsen’s colorful and cozy debut graphic novel is a farm-fresh tale that reminds readers to believe in themselves—and that strangers are not always as scary as they seem.

Yorick & Bones

Yorick is a hapless skeleton from Shakespeare’s time who was just dug up after a few hundred years of sleep. Bones is the adorable stray dog who did the digging. Not realizing that he is a skeleton–or that he’s now in a different time period–Yorick promptly starts making his way around town, trying to meet a new friend. Much to his annoyance, Bones has quite literally latched onto him, excited to have a tasty leg bone to chew.

Oh, and did we mention that Yorick speaks in (very accessible) iambic pentameter that would do the Bard himself proud?

Lightfall series

For fans of AMULET and middle-school readers who love sweeping worlds such as STAR WARS! Bea and Cad are two unlikely friends who get swept up in a quest way above their pay grade to save their world from falling into eternal darkness.