Dear Reader

Good fables are vivid, gripping, and fantastical—but their enduring popularity stems from the thought-provoking messages they encourage readers to ponder, and that’s exactly the kind of story I hope you’ll find woven into the pages of The Rabbit’s Gift.

This spin on French mythology examines the difference between heroes and villains by exploring themes that will resonate with modern readers: What role should science play in our society? What can we expect from our leaders? How do our familial roles—and our privilege, or lack thereof—shape us?

How do our actions impact the world around us?

My main characters, Quincy Rabbit and Fleurine d’Aubigné, certainly don’t have all the answers, but it’s my most fervent hope that you—and your young readers—will enjoy accompanying them on their (literal and figurative) journeys, traveling through a world in which human babies are grown in cabbage-like plants called Chou and delivered by rabbits. It’s also my hope that you’ll find yourself cheering for both Quincy and Fleurine as they try to save their futures—and their country.

In the words of Quincy Rabbit—happy hopping!

The Rabbit’s Gift is available now at your local library or favorite bookstore!

About Jessica Vitalis:

Jessica Vitalis is the author of The Wolf’s Curse. She is a full-time writer with a previous career in business and an MBA from Columbia Business School. An American expat, she now lives in Canada with her husband and two daughters.

Photo by Natalie Nunn Photography