5 Middle Grade Books by Trans and Nonbinary Authors

Getting Real | March 30, 2021

5 Middle Grade Books by Trans and Nonbinary Authors

On Trans Day of Visibility, we affirm just how necessary it is uplift and amplify the voices of trans authors. For trans youth, representation can be critical to survival. Books with trans characters make kids of all gender identities more aware—and whether you’re cis or trans, that awareness is critical for acceptance and respect at home, in the classroom, and in every aspect of life.

Trans kids are full, complex people with talents, challenges, and joys! They deserve love, safety, and the ability to recognize themselves in the stories they read. Here are five books featuring trans representation that we’re excited about and already loving:


Both Can Be True by Jules Machias

  • Coming June 8, 2021!

Outcasts Ash and Daniel join forces to save a dog but wind up saving each other in this contemporary debut exploring identity, gender fluidity, and the power of friendship.








The Other Boy by M.G. Hennessy

Told in prose and interior comic panels, this heartfelt story follows Shane, star pitcher and amateur illustrator, on his journey towards acceptance after being outed by the school bully.


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Ana on the Edge by A.J. Sass

A heartfelt coming-of-age tale about Ana-Marie Jin, a nonbinary figure skater navigating a binary world.









The Ship We Built by Lexie Bean

Secret letter-writer Rowan discovers the bravery it takes to stand up for yourself—even to those you love—in an emotionally raw story that delicately and respectfully covers complex issues.









Zenobia July by Lisa Bunker

A bold, timely story about a trans girl solving a cyber mystery, discovering a community at her new school, and coming into her own.

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