7 Literary Costume Ideas

Popular | October 20, 2020

7 Literary Costume Ideas

From the spooky to the silly to the downright sensational – Halloween is the perfect reason to dress up as characters from your favorite books! This Halloween, we’re focusing on costumes that can be made right in your own home using commonly found supplies and clothing. Take inspiration from the costumes below, or create your own costume inspired by YOUR favorite character.


 StacyPlays from the Wild Rescuers series

Dress up like this sensational YouTube star by pairing a striped long sleeve t-shirt and blue jeans with a small brown purse or bag that can be worn cross-body style. Of course – you’ll need furry sidekicks to complete your look! If you can, we recommend enlisting the help of a furry household pet, or feel free to use stuffed animals as well.


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Super Wedgie from Wedgie and Gizmo

Transform into the most energetic and lovable canine of them all by taking a red sheet or pillowcase and tying it into a cape. You can use an eyeliner pencil to draw a nose and whiskers. And what corgi costume is complete without the signature ears? We recommend creating your own with light and dark brown construction paper – attach them to a headband or bobby pins and you’ll be ready to take on evil genius guinea pigs everywhere!


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Sweet Pea from Dear Sweet Pea

To dress up as everyone’s favorite advice columnist, simply pair a striped t shirt with a denim skirt and some high-top sneakers. Don’t forget to add a fluffy cat to complete this look!


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Pippi Longstocking

You’ll need a striped shirt and denim dress or overalls. Pair with some crazy leggings or mismatched socks. For the hair – braid your hair into two pigtails with wire braided in to help them stand straight out. (You can use a wire hanger if you have one handy – just make sure to ask an adult for help with this part!)






This costume is super easy – simply pair a dress and cardigan with a GIANT stack of books to become the most famous book worm of them all!







Ramona from Ramona Quimby, Age 8

There’s no shortage of ways to dress up like one of literature’s most relatable and hilarious heroines. Create a cracked ‘egg yolk’ out of construction paper to wear on your head in honor of her famous lunchtime hijinks, or wear pajamas under your clothes, or consider creating a pair of your very own rabbit ears to wear outside the house!


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Desk of Zoe Washington from The Desk of Zoe Washington

Creating Zoe’s iconic desk setup is easy! Get some sneakers, cuffed jeans, a t shirt, and some headphones. Be sure to grab a pen and paper (and a cupcake of course!), then prop your feet up and strike a pose!


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