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Getting Real | May 31, 2019

June is Pride Month and we’re reading books by authors, or that feature characters, who identify as LGBTQ. Even if you don’t personally identify the same way they do, reading books by authors or about characters from points of view other than your own can help you become your best self. Here are just a few reasons (and recommendations!) for why you should read with Pride this June (and all year long!).

🌈 They teach you to stand up for yourself

Alan Cole is Not a Coward by Eric Bell

When Alan Cole’s brother, Nathan, threatens to out him to the entire school, he must compete in a high-stakes round of Cole vs. Cole. Each brother much complete seven nearly impossible tasks, and whoever finishes first wins the game. Now, unless Alan wants his secrets to be revealed, he must prove to Nathan, the world, and himself, that he is not a coward.



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🌈 They show you it’s okay to be different and how to accept yourself for who you are

The Other Boy by M.G. Hennessey

When a classmate threatens to reveal that Shane Woods isn’t like other boys at school, and that he was actually born a girl, his whole world comes crashing down. Now, Shane must defend who he is and show that he is just a regular kid, with a few extraordinary qualities.


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🌈 They open up your mind to experiences that might be different than your own and encourage empathy and understanding

Cats vs. Robots: This is War by Margaret Stohl and Lewis Peterson, illustrated by Kay Peterson

Twin siblings Max and Min Wengrod are as different as can be. Min always gets good grades, and she loves to read and build robots. Max hates school and prefers to play games and spend time online with friends. When Max rescues two kittens, he and Min get caught in the cross-fire of an eons-old war between The Robot Federation and the Feline Empire.



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🌈 They show you that you are not alone

Posted by John David Anderson

Four misfits are brought together when cellphones are banned and the students find a new way to communicate by leaving post-it-notes around the school. But in this school, words aren’t just words, they’re also weapons and gifts used to reveal each other’s secrets and show support when a classmate is in need.



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