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Book Hauls | May 17, 2019

Hi everyone, Talia here. If you haven’t already heard, this Saturday, May 18 Shelf Stuff is teaming up with Barnes & Noble for a Hangout Event! I recently went to my local B&N to get a sneak peek at the books being featured at the event!

Books featured in this Book Talk:

Odd Gods Book Cover

Just Jaime Book Cover

School for Good and Evil Book Cover








Hi everyone, it’s Talia with Shelf Stuff.
And I’m here at Barnes & Noble to give you a sneak peek at the Barnes & Noble Kids’ Book Hangout event, with Shelf Stuff, that’s taking place on May 18.
It’s going to be an event filled with books, and activities, and free giveaways.
So you’re definitely going to want to check it out.
And it’s going to be at all of your local Barnes & Nobles.
So let’s make sure to go right in and take a look at some of the books that are going to be featured at the event.
Let’s go.
We’ve got our first book, The School for Good and Evil series by Soman Chainani.
It’s all about two best friends, Sophie and Agatha, who enroll in the School for Good and Evil to train to become characters in their very own fairy tales.
So if you love magic and adventure, you will absolutely love this book.
And even if you like Harry Potter, you should check this out, too.
Let’s put that right into our bag, first book down.
And we’ve got our second book, PopularMMOs, A Hole New World by Pat and Jen, the YouTubers behind the PopularMMOs channel.
So this actually a full-color, comic style graphic novel that follows a fictionalized version of Pat and Jen from the YouTube channel, as they go down into a hole new world and try and find their friend, and make it back to the real world alive.
So if you like adventure and Minecraft especially, you’ll definitely wanna check this book out.
And if you love the first book or the first book isn’t enough for you, make sure to check out the activity book that is coming out in May as well.
Do not forget to check out the second book in the series that is coming out later in June.
And there’s going to be a Barnes & Noble exclusive edition that actually has a hand-signed print in the back from Pat and Jen.
So it’s limited edition, and collectible, and super cool.
So definitely make sure to check that out.
Found our third book, Just Jaime by Terri Libenson.
And you can actually see that this is the Barnes & Noble exclusive edition.
So it has a bonus chapter in the back, and extra character info on how Terri wrote and illustrated the book, so super cool.
It’s basically about two best friends, Jamie and Maya on their last day of seventh grade.
And there’s starting to be some drama in their friend group.
So they’re going to have to figure out who their real friends are.
And it’s a full-color graphic novel.
And if you like that and are interested, you should definitely check out Positively Izzy and Invisible Emmie, too, because they’re also by Terri Libenson and they all kinda take place in the same universe.
You can read them on your own, but it’s just more fun to have three full-color graphic novels to read.
So let’s put Just Jaime right in the bag.
And we found our fourth book, Odd Gods by David Slavin, Daniel Weitzman and illustrated by Adam J B Lane.
Because there are some nice black and white illustrations in this one.
And it’s all about the odd gods of Mount Olympus Middle School.
So they’re actually the sons and daughters of some of the gods that you may already know about.
We have Oddonis, who is the son of Zeus.
We have Mathena, who is the goddess of math and poultry, and Germes, who is the god of all things snotty and sniffly.
And basically, there’s going to be a race for class president, and Oddonis really wants to win.
So you’re going to have to see in the book if he gets it or not.
Let’s add it right into the bag.
Now there’s only one book left, so let’s go find it.
And I found our last book, Posted by John David Anderson.
So this is the regular edition of the book.
But if you come to the hangout, you might be lucky enough to win a special edition of this that actually has Shelf Stuff activities in the bag and an excerpt of four different books.
So you might be one of the lucky two winners to get that if you come to the hangout.

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