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Book Hauls | March 25, 2019

Hi, Talia here with my book picks for the week! Do you love graphic novels, too? What would you add to my list?


Books featured in this Book Talk:


No, just a second.
And done.
This book was awesome.
I think that’s what this episode’s gonna be about.
Books with art, let’s go.
I am so excited for this episode of Book Talk with Talia.
We’re going to be talking about four kind of five highly illustrated novels today.
These books all have that perfect mixture of text and art.
And if you’re the kind of person who really likes to read books that have a lot of art in them or if you’re just looking for something a little different, I think you’re going to find some books in this episode that you are really excited about.
Zach King, My Magical Life by Zach King.
I am so excited about this book, I don’t even know how to express it.
But to begin, Zach King, our main character was born into a family of magicians.
His dad can stop time.
His mom can transform objects into anything and his little sister can turn invisible.
But of course, with a magical family comes a sad back story and Zach has no magical powers of his own.
His parents decide that he has to go off to regular public middle school with normal children.
And right when he gets there, it turns out that he might have magic after all.
Shenanigans ensue.
This book comes with a free app that you can download on your smartphone, iPad, any sort of smart device.
All of the art in this book comes to life.
You just take your phone, shoot it right at the book and it will just come alive on your phone.
It’s the coolest thing ever.
It’s like a game in a book while also being a good book, even without the app.
I think that there is gonna be more of these and I’m really excited about them.
So we have Frazzled 1 and Frazzled 2.
Don’t get them confused, I just did.
Both by Booki Vivat.
I really liked these two.
These are about a girl named Abby Woo and she is basically terrified.
These books really go into depth of her anxieties, her stress, her fears.
Whether it’s bad cafeteria food, sharing a locker or just taking classes.
These books cover it all.
The art is actually a lot of fun, too.
It’s cute little doodles, pen and pencil doodles.
You do get a decent amount of text, but also a decent amount of art.
I’d say that this one is a really good mixture of the both.
You’re not gonna go a full page or two without seeing art.
I particularly liked how this artist draws all of the text kind of arty as well, so you get to see bubble letters if you were amazing at doing bubble letters.
The art here is really what helps these standout and that’s why it’s on this list, and that’s why I really liked it.
This is the heaviest book on the list.
Timeless by Armand Baltazar.
So cool, it’s mind blowing to me.
It’s all about the past, present and future melded together on Earth after a huge time collision.
So it’s sci-fi, fantasy, all that jazz, super fun.
Our main character Diego is about to turn 13 years old.
And on his 13th birthday, he realizes that he has this magical ancient power inside of him that he could use to change the world and change his world.
And trust me, he will.
The art in Timeless is absolutely stunning, I don’t know how else to describe it.
It’s not like doodles or what you would expect from a middle grade novel.
It’s full on paintings.
Overall, it’s a great story, the premise is great, the world building is great.
It really felt like reading a movie.
Invisible Emmie by Terri Libenson.
This book is all about two completely different girls.
On one side, we have Emmie who is shy, quiet and artistic.
And on the other side, we have Katie who is popular, outgoing just everything that you wish that you were.
But you’re not, because who has the time to wake up every morning and do their hair and makeup in school, nobody.
Basically, the art style for this one corresponds to each girl since the chapters are also corresponding to each girl.
Whenever we’re looking at things from Emmie’s perspective, the art is kind of mute and dull.
And when you’re looking at the world from Katie’s perspective, the art is super colorful and bright and in your face and it’s kind of like a comic book style.
Both art styles are really good.
You’re just getting two for the price of one with this book and they mesh together really well.
I think Invisible Emmie had the best mixture of like text and art in one book.
It had a twist ending at the end, which is one of my favorite things.
I just love when these books try to surprise me and you know what?
Sometimes, they do.
Sometimes they do, sometimes they don’t, but the twist ending here is really good.
The writing was just a lot of fun.
The art was really great.
And that’s it for my four kind of five highly illustrated novels that I just finished reading.
Let me know in the comments below what book you want me to read next.
Or if you wanna read any of these books, let me know which one you’re most interested in.
Because I’d like to know and I’d like to talk to you about it.
See you in the next Book Talk, bye.

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