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Book Hauls | May 6, 2019

Hi everyone, Talia here, and this week my book talk is all about some awesome fantasy books that you’ll definitely want to check out.

Books featured in this Book Talk:

Secret of Zoone Book Cover School for Good and Evil Book Cover Sisters of Glass Book Cover Watch Hollow Book Cover


You know, I love all different kinds of books, but fantasy books are just some of my favorite.
Me too!
Me too, Talia, it’s me, fantasy version of you.
I love fantasy books.
Okay, yeah, well, I have some really awesome fantasy books to share with you today.
And maybe I’ll share some with you too, if you’re interested, guess I don’t need a book for all the fantasy.
Let’s get right into the video.
Hello everyone, and welcome to another Book Talk with Talia.
In today’s video, we’re going to be talking all about some awesome fantasy books that you might wanna check out.
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Without further ado, let’s get right into the video.
If you’re looking for something with magic and monsters, you might wanna check out Watch Hollow by Gregory Funaro.
This book follows the Tinker family, 11 year old Lucy, 13 year old Oliver, and their father.
One day, Lucy’s father, who fixed clocks, get a very mysterious but high-paying job offer to fix a cuckoo clock in an abandoned mansion called The Blackford House.
Of course, Lucy and Oliver get to live in the house while their dad fixes the clock for the summer.
As time starts to pass, they both realize that the house isn’t normal.
Even the shadow woods that surround the house aren’t normal.
It turns out that the woods are enchanted and inhabited by a monster called the Garr that wants to take over the Blackford house for itself.
Now that the truth is out, it’s up to Lucy and Oliver to save the house, protect their father and all of the magic from the Garr.
And that was Watch Hollow by Gregory Funaro.
One book that has wizards, princesses, and a blue tiger with wings is The Secret of Zoone by Lee Edward Fodi.
Our main character, Oswald Sparks, also known as Ozzie, lives in a boring apartment with his aunt.
His parents get to travel the world, but he’s basically stuck where he is.
One day a pipe bursts in Ozzie’s apartment, so he has to go find the building maintenance man to fix the pipe.
On his way to go find the building maintenance man, he comes across this strange door that has a mysterious energy surrounding it.
At first nothing happens, but a few days later, Ozzie comes home from school to find a blue tiger with curly ears and wings sitting on his couch.
The tiger tells Ozzie that he is a skyger named Tug, and that he can take Ozzie to the secret world of Zoone.
Zoone is a magical place that’s essentially the center of the multi-verse.
It has millions of doors that lead to other worlds.
So of course, Ozzie feeling that weird energy about that door earlier in the book wasn’t coincidental.
Of course, Ozzie says yes to Tug and decides to join him on an adventure because he’s looking for some excitement in his life.
But when the portal back to Earth gets destroyed and Ozzie is stuck in Zoone, he has to figure out a way to get back home.
And that was The Secret of Zoone by Lee Edward Fodi.
One book that follows a wish magically come true and gone wrong, is The Missing Piece of Charlie O’Reilly by Rebecca Ansari.
In this book, 12 year old Charlie is the only one who seems to remember that he used to have an 8 year old brother named Liam.
About a year ago, Charlie was wishing that he had his own room so that he wouldn’t have to share it with Liam anymore.
And then, next thing he knew, he woke up the next day and Liam was gone.
The bunk bed was gone.
His parents had no recollection of Liam, and basically, everyone just thought that Charlie was crazy.
Now that it’s been a year since Liam disappeared, Charlie has seen his family completely fall apart.
His mom is depressed, his dad is working all the time.
And Charlie has these reoccurring, horrible nightmares.
Thankfully, Charlie’s best friend Ana is supportive of him, even if she doesn’t necessarily believe that Liam used to exist.
But one day, Charlie receives a mysterious note that looks like it could have been written by Liam.
And it leads him and Ana on a mysterious, crazy, magical adventure to find if Liam really does still exist.
And that was The Missing Piece of Charlie O’Reilly by Rebecca Ansari.
One book in a series that is filled with fantasy and fairy tales is The School for Good and Evil #5, A Crystal of Time by Soman Chainani.
If you haven’t heard of the School for Good and Evil series before, you can watch my Magic and Mayhem video, where I go over book one in the series.
But we’re on book five now and I just wanted to remind y’all that this book series is filled with fantasy.
So to get right into it, at the end of book four, Quests for Glory, a boy called Ryan had declared himself the true king.
And now that Ryan wants to be King of Camelot, he’s going to force Sophie to be his Queen.
He’s going to kill Tedros.
And Agatha is on the run.
He’s also captured Merlin and the rest of the quest seekers, too.
Now Sophie and Agatha both have to work separately to try and save Camelot and help Tedros reclaim his throne from Ryan.
If they don’t, Ryan might be able to kill Tedros and completely rewrite everyone’s stories.
Agatha was able to escape from Ryan in the last book, so her portion of the story is told as she’s essentially on the run.
And Sophie is said to be wed to Ryan, so her portion of the story is told leading up to her wedding.
And that was the School for Good and Evil #5: A Crystal of Time by Soman Chainani.
If you like the fantasy that can come with alternate universes, you might wanna pick up Sisters of Glass by Naomi Cyprus.
Our two main characters are 12 year old Nalah and Halan, who may look like alike, but are very different.
Nalah is a poor girl who lives with her father in a world where magic is completely forbidden.
Unfortunately for Nalah, even though magic is forbidden, she has magical abilities that are incredibly hard for her to control.
Of course, Nalah knows that she has to keep her powers under wraps or else she and her father could both get in huge trouble with the government.
And all Nalah cares about is her family and keeping her father safe.
Now, Halan’s life couldn’t be any more different than Nalah’s.
Halan is a princess.
She lives in a world filled with magic, but she has none of her own.
All of the previous royals in her family had magical talent, so it’s really strange that Halan doesn’t have any.
Although they don’t know it, both of the girls are connected in their separate worlds.
Nalah eventually gets drawn into Halan’s world to save her father’s life and they both learn about their darkly connected pasts.
And of course now that they’re both living in one world, but they’re kinda alternate versions of each other, they have to figure out what their existence means for both of them.
And that was Sisters of Glass by Naomi Cyprus.
And those are all of the fantasy books that I have for you today.
But as always, if there are any other fantasy books that you absolutely love that I didn’t talk about, please leave them in the comments section down below so we can talk about them.
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I can’t wait to get to the next Book Talk.
I will see you guys next time, goodbye.

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