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Book Hauls | June 26, 2019

It’s official—summer is officially here! Time to settle back for a few weeks of fun, sun, and summer reading. Looking for new books to stock your shelf for the month of July? Here are 9 new books hitting shelves this July that you won’t want to miss!

July 2, 2019

A Babysitter’s Guide to Monster Hunting #3: Mission to Monster Island by Joe Ballarini

In the third and final book in the Babysitter’s Guide to Monster Hunting series, Kelly Ferguson’s secret life as a monster-hunting babysitter is taking a beastly turn. She has to go on a rescue missing to Monster Island—where monster royalty is turning kids into hair mutant monsters!







Monsterstreet #1: The Boy Who Cried Werewolf by J.H. Reynolds

For readers of Goosebumps, the first book in this new chilling series is about a boy who, determined to solve the mystery of his father’s death which occurred years before at the claws of a legendary werewolf, must hunt to uncover the truth before the full moon rises . . . and the werewolf strikes again.







The Twelve by Cindy Lin

Usagi and her sister were both born with extraordinary zodiac powers, but they can never use them, not while the mysterious, vicious Dragonlord governs the land. After Uma is captured, Usagi can no longer ignore her powers. She must journey to Mount Jade with the fabled Heirs of the Twelve, a mystical group of warriors who once protected the land to find a way to save her.






July 9, 2019

Serafina and the Seven Stars by Robert Beatty

The fourth book in the Serafina Series, Biltmore has become a place haunted by nameless terrors where no dark corridor is safe. Then Serafina witnesses a crime that turns her world upside down. How can all that once seemed good and worthy of protection now be evil? And how can she guard those around her when she can’t even be sure of the truth of her own heart?






July 16, 2019

Space Runners #4: The Fate and the Earth by Jeramey Kraatz

In the final book in the Space Runners series, Benny and the Moon platoon are forming a plan to end the war between humans and aliens. But an Alpha Maraudi ship is preparing to strike a deadly blow on Earth. If the Moon Platoon can’t stop the attack, life as they knew it on Earth will be destroyed, and Benny and his friends will be stranded in space—forever.






July 23, 2019

Professor Renoir’s Collection of Oddities, Curiosities, and Delights by Randall Platt

Two fourteen-year-old girls—one a giant and the other a dwarf—start out as enemies but soon come to depend on one another as they navigate the complex world of a traveling carnival in 1897.








July 30, 2019

The Miraculous by Jess Redman

Wunder Ellis is a miracologist. In a journal he calls The Miraculous, he records stories of the inexplicable and the extraordinary. But after his newborn sister dies, Wunder stops believing in miracles. When he mets Faye―a cape-wearing, outspoken girl with losses of her own, they go on a journey that leads to friendship, to adventure, to healing―and to miracles.







My Fate According to the Butterfly by Gail Villanueva

When superstitious Sab sees a giant black butterfly, an omen of death, she knows that she’s doomed! According to legend, she has one week before her fate catches up with her — on her 11th birthday. With her time running out, all she wants is to celebrate her birthday with her entire family, but first she must discover why her sister stopped speaking to their father over a year ago.







Wings of Fire: The Poison Jungle by Tui T. Sutherland

In the next book in the Wings of Fire series, Sundew and her friends must unearth the oldest secret in the Poison Jungle where the surviving LeafWings have been hiding since the war that wiped out a portion of their tribe and every tree from the surface of Pantala.

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