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Getting Real | May 6, 2021

Dear Reader,


When I was Kitty’s age, one of my favorite books was Tales of a Fourth-Grade Nothing by Judy Blume. Growing up in a sleepy village in England, I was fascinated to read about life as a kid in New York City. I wanted to be surrounded by soaring skyscrapers, not flat fields. I dreamed of living in an apartment in a building with a doorman. I longed to play in Central Park at weekends. I wanted a dog and a pooper-scooper to clean up after him on walks – just like Peter Hatcher did in the book. When I asked my dad if we could move to New York, he said no to relocating and no to getting a dog but that he’d buy me a pooper-scooper—thanks, Dad! Fast-forward many years, and I made my childhood dreams come true when I got a job in New York City and moved into my apartment—there was even a doorman. Twenty years later, I am still here, and I still love the book Tales of a Fourth-Grade Nothing.


In Glitter Gets Everywhere, 11-year-old Kitty and her family move from London to New York City following the devastating loss of her mum. Kitty hates the idea of moving. She wants to stay with her beloved Gran, her best friend, and the little black cat that sleeps in the crook of Kitty’s legs. Why does everything have to keep changing when all Kitty wants to do is turn back the clock? It takes the care and patience of the people who love her, the wise words her mum left for her in a series of birthday letters, and the friendship of a blue-haired boy to help Kitty see that hope and joy can trickle back into your life, even when the worst imaginable thing has happened.


I am lucky enough to have my mum still, but a dear friend of mine died when I was Kitty’s age. My friend and I loved collecting things, and our absolute best collection was our scented erasers. Her favorite ones were the mini soda bottles, and mine were the tiny ice creams. When she died, I threw my collection of erasers into the trash. Decades later, and 3,500 miles from where my friend and I used to compare our favorite erasers, I found some in a store. It was a set of five erasers shaped like tiny macarons, and they were all different shades: raspberry pink, lavender lilac, pistachio green, creamy vanilla, and chocolate brown. I thought of my friend and bought them. When I got home and opened the box, I was annoyed because they all smelled of vanilla instead of being the different scents they should have been. I know that my friend would have been mad too, and that made me smile. I found a pile of happy glitter in an unexpected place. It really does get everywhere.


I sincerely hope that you enjoy Kitty’s story, and thank you so much for reading it. I loved writing every single word.



Yvette Clark

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