This is Not Your Average Boarding School

Popular | October 17, 2019

Lottie Pumpkin is an ordinary girl who has spent her life longing for the extraordinary.

Ellie Wolf is the crown princess of Maradova, who wants nothing more than a chance at an ordinary life.

When fate puts Lottie and Ellie in the same dorm room at the prestigious Rosewood Hall, there’s only one solution: for the girls to swap identities, and live the lives they’ve always dreamed of. But at Rosewood, a secret never stays secret for long. Someone in the school is on to them—and if the truth is revealed, the results may be more treacherous than they ever expected.


Which of the three Rosewood Hall Houses Would You Be In?


Named after Florence Ivy, the first woman ever to attend Rosewood Hall, students in this house are known to be courageous and upstanding. Like their humanitarian leader, they set an example for the other students at the school and always put what they believe to be right above their own personal gain!


Named after twin artists Shray and Sana Stratus, this house is for students with an aptitude for creativity! Students in Status are incredible resourceful and use their inventive minds and keen observation skills to come up with clever solutions to problems!


Named after Balthazar Conch, a person who once fought off a wolf to save a student, those who get sorted into this house are considered to be the most fierce and strong-willed at Rosewood Hall! Ambitious, hardworking, and driven, students of Conch never turn down an opportunity that can be used to their advantage!


The Rosewood Chronicles #1: Undercover Princess

The Rosewood Chronicles #2: Princess in Practice



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